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Rising demand for takeaways in Manchester during COVID-19
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  • September 8th, 2020
  • Unitel Direct

Rising demand for takeaways in Manchester during COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus has led to the increase in the involvement of people in indoor activities. Individuals are more likely to spend time in the house than roaming outside. The need for takeaways in Manchester has also grown simultaneously. Who doesn’t want to get the parcel delivered right at the doorsteps?

The concept of going out for dinner has suddenly vanished and ordering food online in this pandemic has become quite frequent. A steady increase in the online traffic of various groceries has been observed in the past two months. Supermarkets have faced approx. 185% increase in online traffic and about 75% increase in online transactions.

In order to stand out of the crowd, various restaurants in Manchester are taking proper measures to engage more customers. The Restaurants and Takeaway Register in the UK is taking proper measures to enlist only the trusted restaurants in the region.

Advantages of the takeaways in Manchester during COVID 19 pandemic

The demand for takeaways has increased in the past few years. Thanks to the takeaway services that various restaurants offer individuals to enjoy the taste of their favourite food while sitting right in their dining hall. Have you ever wondered what are the reasons behind the growing demand for these services?

  • People always search for the best option at an affordable price. This is where they can search for almost all the food items in that particular restaurant. Instead of roaming across the city, takeaway services offer utmost convenience to the customers by helping them bring or get delivered the food they order online or over the telephone.
  • After a hectic schedule, people always prefer to stay at home. So, why not enjoy your favourite dinner in the homely environment? Various renowned restaurants offer takeaway services to help you taste whatever you want.
  • Almost every restaurant has takeaway options that will tend to deliver food at your doorsteps. You can select from any of the restaurants that you feel reliable. The services ensure you to provide the exact food that you want.

COVID 19 has brought about several changes to the takeaway procedures of any restaurant. The companies (as per the UK government’s guidelines) have added some extra safety measures for the safe delivery of any parcel.

The risk of transmission of this virus through food packagings is extremely low. FDA stated that there is no evidence of food packaging spreading the infection in any manner.

Examples of some online market transformations during the pandemic

  • Marks and Spencer’s that has never delivered online takeaways have now expanded its field due to the growing demand of their items.
  • McColl’s, the giant store, is now offering essentials on a daily basis to various customers.
  • Services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo have become the takeaway giants in the cities during this situation.
  • Mc Donald’s and Starbucks took additional steps to protect the health of the employees providing suitable takeaways.

Before coronavirus changed the scenario in the UK, it was the place where the traditional restaurants has been booming. As we all know, the UK is one of the most impressive and innovative places for cooking that one could hardly find all across the globe.

Few steps that a service provider needs to follow

  • If possible, always prefer for contactless payment for proper safety precautions
  • Avoid touching the door handles or any other services
  • Set up a disinfection environment for the customers and staff members
  • Creating proper distance among the employees

Coronavirus is all about respiratory illness and there is no such case detected that it is spreading via food packaging. Reputed restaurants, on the other hand, also take every possible way to provide hygienic food to minimise any risk.

Various KFC and McDonald’s outlets reopened following the guidlines of the UK Government. Once you get the delivery, empty the contents and wash your hands thoroughly.

The pandemic has already put a spotlight on the takeaways in Manchester. There is no doubt that the outbreak of coronavirus has brought a tough time for all the restaurants across the UK and who knows there may still be harder times to come?

But even with both hands tied behind the backs, The Restaurants and Takeaway Register has enlisted all the trusted restaurants across the UK that provides hygienic and top-quality food items. Connect with them, get your food delivered and stay home, stay safe.